Nepal to vote for Hammam



KATHMANDU, May 29: Nepal will vote in favor of Mohamed Bin Hammam for the position of FIFA president in the election of the governing body of the world football to be held in Zurich, Switzerland on Wednesday.

Talking with the Republica ahead of his departure to participate in the 61st FIFA Congress, All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) President Ganesh Thapa on Saturday revealed that Nepal was in favor of the 62 year old Qatari.

Current FIFA President Sepp Blatter,75, of Switzerland and Hammam, the president of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and a FIFA executive member, are vying for the leadership. The Wednesday´s election will select one among them for a tenure of four years.

The septuagenarian has led FIFA since 1998 while the Qatari Hammam has taken the charge of AFC since 2002. Hammam was believed to be a confidant of Blatter in the past.

“World football activists are considering Hammam as a promising leader,” Thapa said, adding, “I am confident that world football will attain greater heights under his leadership.”

Thapa also opined that the world football fraternity has put faith on Hammam due to his able leadership in AFC and the development of football in Asia.

“If Hammam gets elected, it will be a matter of pride for whole Asia and ensure easier access with FIFA for the Asian countries,” Thapa said.

“Hammam always shows concern toward the development of Nepali football, therefore, Nepal must support him,” Thapa said, adding, “I also have a personal relationship with him.”

Thapa said Nepal has been getting continuous support from FIFA and if Hammam is elected, Nepal´s access to the football´s supreme body would only increase.

In the early days, some of the Asian countries were against Hammam, but the scenario has changed greatly now as almost all Asian member countries have got united, Thapa shared.

In total, 208 member countries of the world will cast the vote to elect the FIFA president.

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