Bharat once again proves he is the best in the country

13 May 2012

Bharat Khawas porbably playing his last game for Nepal Police Club once again showed his sublime skills. He is one of the consistent performer for club and country. He is one of the most sought after forward in the country. He is quick and possesses loads of stamina. Opponents will be scared even if one player has one of this skill. A quick preadator who can run throughout the match: probably the most lethal combination a player can have and a nightmare for opponents.  In the match against Mohun Bagan, Khawas was lively throughout the match. He gave Mohun Bagan defenders plenty to worry about. He parried plenty of shots before scoring the wonder goal in the dying moments. His goal showcased glimpse of magic as he waltzed past number of Mohun Bagan defenders before slotting a powerful strike past Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Mukharjee. 
It's really surprising to see such a wonderful player clubless. But he will soon be finding one as every big club in the country are after him as he decided to quit NPC couple of days earlier. He is young player with bags of experience already and the best part of him is he is still improving. Only time will tell how good he can be. Generally a player will be at peak at the age between 25-28 years old. He is still years away before he recaches his peak yet already a lethal weapon Nepal possess.
All Nepalese football followers must be really proud and happy to have him playing for their country no matter whichever club they support. 


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