Nepal U16 gave match away on the stoppage time as tie-breaker favoured India U16

Ram Gurung

Unfortunately but again, Nepal U16 lost their match against the Indian U16 in the semi final. Both teams from the group B were eliminated from the semi finals. As India looks forward to meet Pakistan again in the final, Nepal have to play against Bangladesh.
Nepal made an early start in 20th minute as Rishi scored a goal to give the crowd a lift. After Rishi Thapa Magar scored a goal after Suman Lama's rabona shot rebounded off the woodwork. After that India increased their attack. As previously analysed Indian team has more resources and more preparation, and that showed. India were putting Nepal constantly under threat as there were many defensive lapses in the Nepalese first third of the pitch. Nepal were lucky enough to save the lead till half time as Sanga wasted a golden opportunity for par in 35th minute.
India has a mental strategy of playing a game. They changed their play into more tactical advantage of ariel and physical. Nepalese youngsters are normally undersized opponents amongst the subcontinent. Goal Keeper Birendra and defender Sagar Lama suffered the injuries. As Nepalese team fatigue starts to increase, Laldanta Sanga punished the team and broke the heart of millions of Nepalese fan in the stoppage time. It was the last minute of added four minutes that restored the status quo.

Penalties are the roughest and the cruel way of ending the match. Recently Argentina and Brazil were knocked out from the Copa America championships and the mighty American Women team were also beaten off in the penalties by Japanese team in Women's World Cup. Lot of people have been arguing about this way of killing the match but regarding the logistical issues, FIFA and UEFA, the major governing bodies believes this is the best way . Nepal became the victim in this time.

Why we lost the penalties
People may say that this player should have done this and done that but the point is the pressure and the experience matters in the tie breaker. I had been a regular penalty taker while playing for my faculty as well as my college team. Of course I have missed some and scored a lot and I know how much courage it takes to step on. You need to have a nerve of steel to take a massive responsibility. At 16 or less, we in Nepal only some understands and only few comprehends responsibility. We lost 4-2 and its not a shame really to discuss about it.

We here at does not only give news we analyse for the better of Nepalese Football. The main reason behind our defeat is the lack of match practice. The same applies for the preparation against Jordan for Senior team ahead of the first Leg. Not only match practice but at very highest level. Lot of associations of different countries invest so that their team get better training and match facilities. Indian national team has some time travelled to England to play against the English clubs in the past.

As said earlier losing in tie-breaker is a heart breaking time but it teaches lot of stuffs. Some says it makes you hero or some say you become villain like Roberto Baggio to give away '94 World Cup to Brazil. For Nepal we need not only to train harder but play more international matches against Clubs or even countries. ANFA should not only rely on organising the tournaments. This is good for the ANFA and development of football but the team loses the capacity of adapting in the harsh environment and experience of away game. Jordan is a forgettable example for us. Phew! that was nightmare. 

Although title is gone but we can still salvage bronze medal against strong Bangladesh side. Regardless of being strong, Pakistan triumphed the fellow estranged country by 2-0. Best of luck to U16 team.

Jai Nepal!


Anonymous said...

Comparing the level of facilities and infrastructures that Nepalese players are accessed to, the result so far we have achieved is applaudable compared to the fortunate players from other countries.So well done lads for making it through the semi-final!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this blog's background dark like a gothic theme?We would like it to be more friendly looking as a national blog that covers our Nepalese football.Kind regards.