Financial crisis of Nepalese football clubs



KATHMANDU, May 25: Koilapani Polestar Club has on Tuesday announced it could quit the ongoing Martyrs Memorial A Division Football League any time as it is facing financial crunch.

Koilapani submitted sponsorship proposals to major corporate houses of the country but received a ´big No´ on each occasion.

Not only Koilapani but most of the football clubs from outside the Kathmandu Valley do not have a permanent source of income and are facing financial crisis.

During the post match conferences, United Youth Club coach Roshan Dangol has also been attributing poor results of his team to lack of sponsors saying he could not bring in more talented or foreign players to the squad.

Donations from fans and locals has been the major source of income for most of the clubs, while very few clubs are enjoying corporate sponsorship.

"Corporate houses are chasing only high-profile clubs studded with star players," said Binaya Pradhan, general secretary of New Road Team (NRT).

"Corporate houses are yet to understand the mileage they get from sponsoring a sports club," Pradhan added.

An ANFA official requesting anonymity said that the clubs are failing to get sponsorships because of mismanagement. "Most of the club officials are unable to convince corporate houses about the mileage such sponsorships can provide," he said.

Pradhan also admits that the clubs lack professional management. "Except the departmental teams, all clubs the are based in small localities and most of them lack regular income sources. Thus, they are unable to hire professional a management team or a CEO," said Pradhan.

Three Star, Himalayan Sherpa, Manang Marshyangdi, Machhindra, Jawalakhel and Bansbari clubs have signed title sponsorship deals. Meanwhile, LG Electronics and Ranipokhari Corner Team (RCT) have signed a sponsorship deal that does not require the latter to include its sponsor in the club´s name.

"A club spends at least Rs 6 million to Rs 10 million per annum to bid for the league crown but the clubs are getting only Rs 500,000 to Rs 1.76 million from their title sponsors. It´s peanuts for the clubs," said Pradhan. "A club should get at least 40 percent of the total expenses from its title sponsors," he added.

However, Pradhan does not deny that what little the clubs are getting from their sponsors has given them a lease of life in the league.

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