EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Nepal U16 v India U16

Columnist: Ram Gurung

Nepal into the semis
Nepal U16 entered the semis by winning against Sri Lanka U16 side which opened the flood gate in the second half of the encounter. The defeated side will be playing the playoff against the Maldives after the semi finals of the tournament. As previously analysed Nepal had to score with goal difference of more than four to qualify as group winners. And they did with a G.D. of +6. Impressive performance by the team.

Nepalifootball.com on the spot 
Our senior correspondent was there to observe the match and got a opportunity to capture the moments on senior side manager Graham Roberts, ANFA president Ganesh Thapa and former Nepali senior side captain and legendary defender Raju Shakya. Check out the pictures.

Tough call but Nepal U16 may just win the title
Nepal Senior side won the title at home soil in 1984 and repeated the feat in 1993 in SAG. We haven't been able to conquer the Subcontinent in more than a decade time. This U16 team shows more courage and even more hope for the titles to come. The U16 team showed maturity in the second match by converting all those chances they made. The recent encounter was the senior Nepal side was nailed 4-0 by Indian side in 2008 SAFF cup. But in recent times, like Maldives once ranked above Nepal and other countries have been taking more damage than expected. Similarly once countries like Bhutan which conceded lot of goals have been able to reduce the goal margin. The analysis is that the countries are becoming more and more competitive and lacking at the same time. Each team reaching the semis have scored goals of 5 or more. Owing to the public's perception to India, the stadium will overflow and minute number of India U16 team and its supporters may just give up. Nepal are clear favourite for the semis owing  to home advantage. Continue reading to know why. 

Match against India more than a semi final match
Nepal has lot of political, economical and spiritual relationship with India from many Dynasties of  rulers and recent Kings to fellow Governments. Everything on the papers may be politically correct to alleviate the sourness between the countries but on the streets, it is more personal than anything. It is as personal as it gets. This is the most anticipated 'Grudge Game' and 'Derby game' in recent times. And the tensions in the public will definitely rise up when both sides meet for the berth in final match. This is U16 level and this will assess the development of each country at grass root level.  

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