Why Nepal should be wary about Subcontinent counterparts

Columnist: Ram Gurung

Why India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are teams still a threat against Nepalese team
Nepal is on top of SAFF rankings with respect to the FIFA. But there are some issues that can raise your eyebrows. India can cope up regardless of their cricketing fanatic supporters owing to larger population. And they still have a bright scope and market for that. They have several academies, regional leagues and national leagues. So when the player filters through those ranks, they are ready to take challenge at very high level. The league in Nepal is just evolving in rapid after a halt owing to political and economical issues. Bangladesh is always a strong team in football but Pakistan are also ready to show they have something. The Pakistani football is developing as there are numerous British but Pakistani origin players in English Football clubs such as Tranmere Rovers and Porthmadog F.C. This inspires the young players and the community as a whole to develop from the grass root level. In terms of Nepal, we have unfortunate attempts regarding the players. Either we have lost our National players or the transfers haven't been successful. Nepal's first World Cup Qualifier hat trick star Nirajan Rayamajhi, Star Winger Basant Gauchan, Star defener Lok Bandhu Gurung and Current star striker Anil Gurung are some of the chapters. But Rohit Chand may change all this.

Sri Lanka takes a major hit owing to Cricket worship
Sri Lanka are a strong senior side which drew with Nepal senior in Dasarath Rangashala for the AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers but there was no metal in their junior side. The majority of the nation following the cricket may be inspiring the larger population of kids into bowling action than the kicking action. Sri Lanka U16 conceded 12 goals in two matches and scored only two. This demonstrated Sri Lanka can lose to make their senior squad stronger in upcoming years.

Limited population Maldives cannot cope up with rest of the Subcontinent 
Maldives was once a subcontinent power house has now waned among the back runners. The island country which have been feared of being drowned into the Indian Ocean owing to the increase of sea level has not performed well in this tournament. The Australian government has come forward  to give islanders the citizenship. But with this performance, Nepalifootball.com does not believe that any players might be featuring in Socceroos colours. Socceroos is the nick name of Australian National side. The another backdrop may be the population of the country with limited spaces while the country has only one stadium in the country. Maldives lost both matches without scoring one.    

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