APF comes in changed jersey numbers


More than half a dozens of Armed Police Force (APF) came out in changed jersey number during its league match against Machhindra Club on Wednesday which made it difficult for the spectators to identify the players.

As per football regulation, no player is allowed play with a changed jersey number in the same tournament. Skipper Kumar Thapa (31) came up in jersey no 6, Amir Shrestha (19) in 9, Krishna Lama (16) in 18, Nirajan Malla (14) in 5, Top Bahadur Bista (29) in 7 and Jibesh Pandey (25) in 17. Clarifying the reason behind different jersey numbers, ANFA CEO and also match commissioner Indraman Tuladhar said that the APF players had to change their jerseys at the last moment as both the teams had put jerseys of similar color and APF did not have enough of new sets of jerseys.

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Anon said...

GO NPC you can do it again........