U-16 boys defeat Bangladeshi club


DHARAN, Feb 7: ANFA U-16 team entered the quarterfinals of the 12th International Tuborg Budha Subba Gold Cup Invitational Football Tournament defeating AHM Kamrujamun Shreeti Sansad of Bangladesh 1-0 on Sunday.

Amar Dangol´s header in the 17th minute for ANFA became the decider of the match. In a header pass set by Sulav Maskey off Kushal Shrestha´s corner kick, Amar headed the ball past the net.

ANFA´s young footballers put up a spectacular show while keeping Bangladesh under pressure throughout the match. However, both the teams missed many opportunities to convert.

ANFA´s Ram Thapa missed a one-versus-one opportunity a minute after the first goal by Amar. Bangladeshi custodian Mohammad Projamad got hold of the ball which Amar had passed to Ram.

In the 44th minute, Bangladeshi defender Faisal Ahmed´s attempt to clear a shot of Sameer Limbu went toward his own post but was luckily saved by goalkeeper Projamad. Ram´s shot set by Santosh Thapa in the dying moments hit the bar and got deflected.

Likewise, Faisal´s attempt in the 22nd minute was foiled by ANFA´s defender Manoj Bista while Ashraf Quader´s powerful shots in the 30th and 32nd minutes were blocked by ANFA goalkeeper Laxman Thapa, thus preventing Bangladesh from leveling the match. Laxman foiled a header from Imrul Hassan in the 75th minute.

Bangladesh managed to strike back in the extra time of the second half but the referee ruled it as a foul charging the Bangladeshi player of touching the goalkeeper before netting the ball.

Amar was adjudged man-of-the-match.

Bangladeshi coach Riyad Mahmaud said they lost due to referee´s wrong decision to award foul instead of goal. “It was not an offside, neither was there any foul. But the referee´s decision was biased,” he said. "Besides that, the players were tired after traveling all night from Kathmandu."

Meanwhile, ANFA coach Sunil Shrestha said that his team performed as expected but missed many opportunities to convert.

Monday´s match will be held between United Kurseong FC of Darjeeling and Himalayan Sherpa of Kathmandu.

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