The unprepared ANFA may dissatisy B Division players as first match of the season is delayed

Previously Nepal was awaiting to leave for Amman to play against Jordan. National team got only four days on schedule to train. But DISAPPOINTMENT!!! The training ground was nearly a bushes and clearly unusable to train for the players. Graham Roberts then was infuriated along with his players. ANFA didn't prepared the proper ground for training and National team training days was reduced to 3 days.

Today, when the teams reached the Football ground inside the police training academy at Maharajgung to play opening match of Martyrs Memorial B Division League, the excited players and officials were frustrated. There were no lines for the pitch as well as the grass were also like 'bushes'. It is properly unhealthy that the ANFA was not considering enough attention to the second largest league of the nation.

The teams waited more than an hour as the ANFA started lay down a outline of the pitch. The grass was impossible to be made proper at the time. Obviously the 'bushes' may play dodgy role to the unfortunate team of the day. Its unfortunate that the address by the President during the player of the year ceremony came out flawed so early. Hope the teams cope with the inconvenience caused smoothly.

Best of luck to all teams participating in the league.

Ram Gurung

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