11th SAG Women Football: India gives a lesson

High flying Nepal were brought down to the ground by powerhouse India in women's football when they handed Nepal a 5-0 drubbing at Kamalapur Stadium on Thursday to establish themselves as the favourites for gold. The defeat ends Nepal's winning streak but the squad are still in contention for the finals should they earn at least a point in their next fixture against Pakistan on Saturday.

According to the Round Robin system in which the games are being conducted, the teams with maximum number of points play the final. Nepal in their three matches have collected six points with their two wins (against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) and one loss.

India bagged the quickest goal of the tournament scoring as early as the 30th through Tabib Devi. Sushmita Malik grabbed a hat-trick scoring on 30th, 27th and 55th minute of the game, while Laishram Naobi completed the rout three minutes from time. As the score-line suggested, Nepal were in the receiving end throughout the match, with the team unable to make even a single goalward move.

Nepal not only lost their match against India but also showed how vulnerable they can be in the defense, conceding five goals without converting. But hopes are high in the Nepali dressing home. If not a gold, the team are aiming for a silver behind India - which is considered one of the best teams in Asia -- in the event's debut at the ongoing SA Games.

Nepal coach Dhurba K.C. has tipped India to win gold. "Our players were psychologically affected today as they were intimidated by India."

Analysing today's performance, K.C. said, "Our midfielders could not find a rhythm in today's match, which allowed India to take control in the centre of the park. He also came down heavily on the defence line he once praised after they conceded goals in quick succession.

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Sthapa said...

By no means India's impressive win over Nepal was a stunner.The very fact that India is the firm favorites to win the gold,their victory was never in doubt.
They won by a wide margin because they were the better side technically and physically.There is no reason why we should be ashamed.Forgetting not that our footballers locked horns with the best team in the region and played their best.
India has been playing international football for a fairly long period virtually in all levels when it comes to competition.They are an experienced outfit studded with talented players.
On the other hand, Nepal is in her infancy with very limited international exposure.
Never mind the lopsided nature of the result, our girls put up a gritty and inspiring performance.
Despite defeat I still believe they will be end up with a medal.