Our target is to beat Maldives - Nepal coach


Nepalese national team coach, Krishna Thapa has said that their main target is to win the game agains Maldives and to top the group. The coach also said that they have made the plan for the game against Maldives.

“It would be a tough game against Maldives. But our target is to win the game against Maldives and to top the group. We can win the game against Afghanistan and India with their Under 23 we have the confidence to beat them”

“Winning the game against Maldives is the top priority. Our players have the knowledge of Maldives national team. So we would use their knowledge and it seems Maldives national team has key two to three players”

“If we can block them, then we have a very good chance of scoring against Maldives

Nepalese national team has been practicing for the tournament for a month and coach Krishna Thappa believes that they are fully ready for the tournament.

“The time we got to prepare is limited, but I am happy with the practices and the preparation for the tournament”

“We had three games and we won those games. The qualities of the Indian teams are almost the same as the Nepal national team and we managed to beat the top Indian team as well. Some people might believe that when we beat Bhutan by a single goal, we are not that good. But the reality is that they have improved a lot compared to before”

Nepalese coach also said that he has very limited information about Maldives national team and he did not see any games of the team. Krishna Thapa has been appointed as the head coach of the Nepal national team recently and he believes that the game would be almost the same as the game employed by his predecessor Thomas Flath.

“I have never met Thomas, but we would employ the same style of passing game and I am confident that we would perform good results”

Krishna also said that he believes that Maldives, Nepal and Bangladesh are the hot favourites to win the competition.

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