Anil luck to be decided on Wednesday

Nepali National Striker Anil Gurung played from Woking Football Club on Saturday as a pre season training match against Ton Bridge Angels Football Club.

Gurung who entered the ground on the second half of the match, got a chance to score in 15 minutes. But his head ball passed just wide from the goalpost. After that (75 minutes) he also got magnificent pass from his fellow but he failed to score again. Though he could not score, his Club won the match by 2-1.

After the match club manager said that Anil was good in quick passing. But he said a Nepali striker's height was disadvantage.

Gurung is happy to qualify in last five among 20 players. But he complained during the training and said-'Club's training is so hard. I have never done such a complex training in my life. '

Now, Gurung will face a challenge on coming Wednesday. The match will decide his future in the English club.

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