Anil Gurung passed his first phase of trail on Thursday

Anil Gurung, who is on a bid to earn a spot in the English sixth division side Working Football Club, passed his first phase of trial on Thursday. Gurung easily made it to the final 18 out of a pool of 30 players but he still has to pass through several more stages to secure his berth ih the final list consisting of oly 3-5 players. Out of the 30 players on trial, Anil finished fifth with 11.2 points, said Sahara Clun UK.

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Anonymous said...

first of all mate,, its woking,,, not working.. and where did u get your data from??? is it a credible source?? coz i checked woking's page,, and it doesn't mention anything about final 30, final 18. i think its all bull