Analysis: Is there any development in Nepalese football????

This is an era of Nepalese football where there are abundance of tournaments for players, various prize for the performing players and various media covering from paper to radio, television, mobile and websites. In recent time, it has been seen that players have been awarded with huge sum of money, motorbike, car and even with an apartment. Similarly the prize money for the tournaments have also increased significantly upto 2 million rupees.
People may say the Nepalese football have been developed referring to these observations. Let me give you one different example. In United States, the GDP was increasing and majority of the observers suggested that the economy of the country was blooming. Later the scrutiny showed the health sector was the major industry of contribution. Ironically this economy measures revenue from sick and dying people. Similarly in Nepalese football, most of us have only seen the figures of money in the game. All the players have been suffering owing to the poor organisation and management.  
The governing body is unable to provide not even a single better playing pitch. Either the pitch has irregular surfaces, huge bushes or muddy monsoon pitches. The playing conditions are so worse that the players cannot improve their game and had to rely the results on such pitch conditions. No pitch are perfect and may not be perfected with limited resources but the consequences can be mitigated. It is arguable that Martyr's Memorial B Division and C Division League has been played in the showers. According to the FIFA rules, the match cannot take place if the football does not bounce off the ground. In Nepal, the ball goes into the ground and still we commence the games. This in no case can improve Nepalese football. Preparation was also seen irresponsible. The first match of B division league was delayed because the organisers failed to prepare the ground on time. The grasses were not trimmed and there were no outline of the pitch. This was very disappointing. Similarly, since the matches were scheduled in rainy season and neither we have a proper ground to sustain rainy games nor we were prepared. The one game followed by the next worsened the pitch and damaged all the grasses left. The games were also had to be postponed. 
Apart from the club games, Nepal national team went on a Eastern Nepal tour ahead of the SAFF championships. But it may not be that beneficial for the national team. Although it helped to rendezvous the team with the supporters from other part of the nation, the tour was haphazard and poorly managed. The national team played three matches in three days winning two games and drawing one. This may be the experimental for the Graham Roberts squad but the players are over stretched in these games. Luckily the team didn't lose any of the games. In last two games, the team had to come back from goal down. Both of the goal conceded by the team were within first 10 minutes. The team travelled between three districts to play friendly matches in three straight days. Although the matches were played for only 70 minutes a match, the last match was called off 10 minutes ahead of full time owing to lack of light. This demonstrates poor management and organisation. What we are looking at now is just the efficiency of the football and not the effectiveness. Efficiency cannot serve a long term solution for development. The organisers need to consider the playing conditions and schedules otherwise we may not be playing any international competitive successes in near future.

Ram Gurung