Rohit Chand is heading to UK

11 August, 2011
Kathmandu, Nepal

There was high rumours of young and agile Nepalese national defender moving to England a few weeks back. All of Nepalese media published the news which was mainly taken from Chand was linked to high profile English clubs like Tottenham and Arsenal. Nevertheless that rumours happens to be true up to some extent. 

According to sources Rohit Chand has applied for visa to play in England. Rohit Chand's elder brother confirmed that Chand Jr. has applied for visa to play but not to play for Gunners and Spurs but for lower division club Kettering F.C., a conference team from Northamptonshire. Nepalese national coach Graham Roberts made some initiation regarding this. 

Jonathan Hopes, agent of Graham Roberts had been busy arranging for Rohit to play for the conference club. Hopes remains positive and expects Rohit will get at least 4 matches to play for Kettering F.C. All of those being friendly matches. If Rohit can impress the club than there may be further processing to play for them in competitive matches as well.

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Well, that is something very encouraging!