EXCLUSIVE: Nepal U16 wins bronze medal

Heman Gurung amends his spot kick
Most people had undoubtedly believed that Nepal U16 can go and win the title single handedly owing to the home advantage cum the long preparation for this championship. But the shocking defeat by the Indian means that our young team had to play at 1300 hrs rather than 1530. The young team started brilliantly and the sharpness was there. The team was presented with a golden opportunity. The Bangladesh player was sent off owing a foul and handed Nepal with a penalty kick. Captain Heman Gurung took the courage to amend his kick in previous match. He made no mistake as Nepal U16 were 1-0 ahead in the 9th minute of the match. The game play was totally under control by Nepal U16 as Bangladesh U16 were forced to change their strategy into counter attacks.
Aditya Choudhary, the saviour
Nepal U16 team is always praised to be playing well but also branded for throwing the lead away. We don't need to discuss about the Indian give away. There were lot of physical collisions and injuries between the events. No. 10 Rungri could have gave home team the 2-0 lead but the cross just close the out line by Suman Lama yielded only the woodwork. The misery continued. Bangladesh recovered the equilibrium in the second half. No. 7 Kowasar Al Rabbi brought the level back to 1-1. As the supporters were feared about the repeat of previous match, Aditya Choudhary produced a fine goal and became a messiah for all the nervous Nepalese supporters. 

As the final whistle blowed, Nepalese U16 team had completed a wonderful journey coming from the ANFA academy ranks and won the heart of Nepalese people. This is a hope we may reach AFC Asian cup in near future even FIFA World Cup is our final objective. National coach who was sitting next to our senior correspondent joined the team in the field for saying thanks to all the Nepalese supporters in the stadium as well as cheering from their houses and others outside the nation. 
Indeed Graham Roberts was talking about this in the previous match's aftermath. Nepalese supporters need to be more free thinking rather than usual hopelessness. We are going through a tough situation in political issues but we should not mix them. Sports tells not only to forget your other pains in life and rejoice for a while, it also unites a nation with languages and origins. Football has just taught how you fall in some hurdle, get up and walk again to face another hurdle. Nepal U16 did that and been granted with the bronze medal.
Well done Nepal U16, Ganesh Thapa and his ANFA team, U16 coach and Graham Roberts for influential and inspirational motivations, and not the least Nepalifootball.com followers and whole Nepalese supporters.
It was a great day for all of us.  

Nepal played 11 v 10
In a press, Bangladesh coach described that his no. 7 player is the best player in his squad and has a great future ahead. Also he applauded Heman Gurung from his opponent for the day. Although Bangladesh played 80 minutes with just 10 men they effectively used their resources and fend off Nepalese attacks. Meanwhile Nepalese coach was not that happy with the results as we had a extra man advantage.

Bless you all!
Jai Nepal!

Columnist: Ram Gurung