Match Preview: Farnborough Vs Nepal United


Farnborough, 02 Oct, 2010: Farnborough FC will be taking on Nepal United at the Rushmoor Stadium on Sunday 3rd October 1pm kick off.

Nepal United will be made up of the best Nepalese players based in the UK. The first half will feature the Farnborough first team taking on Nepal United. The second half teams will be made up of a mixture of the two sides.

The purpose of the exhibition game is to commemorate the recent affiliation between Farnborough and the Nepalese community of Rushmoor. Farnborough's recent merger with Sahara FC has brought a great deal of attention in the Nepalese press and putting on a exhibition game against Nepal United seemed like the most approipiate way to celebrate the new partnership.

Farnborough are hoping the fun-filled afternoon will encapsulate the prosperous agreement between Farnborough Football Club and the Nepalese people of Rushmoor. The club hope to kick off the partnership with a vibrant atmosphere at the Rushmoor Stadium in front of a big crowd.

Their will be free t-shirts for fans to collect to have a souvenir of the game.

On top of that, entry to the ground will be free for all spectators, so there is no excuse not to come and watch Boro on a Sunday afternoon take on the best players Nepal has to offer.

The Cherrywood Bar will be showing the Chelsea Vs Arsenal game directly after the match, for all to enjoy and pro-long the post-match atmosphere and fun day out

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