Farnborough-Sahara UK tie-up for development of football


KATHMANDU, Sept 18: Farnborough Town Football Club of the United Kingdom and Sahara Football Club UK have signed an eight-point agreement for the development of football through co-operation.

President of Farnborough Town FC Simon Hollis and Sahara UK President Navin Gurung inked the deal recently.

According to the agreement, players of Sahara UK will get free training and ground from Farnborough. Six players from the British club will play along with Sahara UK players during the upcoming Ninth Aaha Gold Cup Football Tournament in Pokhara. Hollis will also attend the tournament.

Sahara UK will be wearing Farnborough kits, with Sahara UK logo on the chest, and Farnborough will also be wearing Sahara UK batch on their official jersey.

The two clubs have decided to hold next year´s Sahara Cup in Farnborough´s training pitch, according to Gurung.

Gurung said that Farnborough have agreed to help promote talented Nepalis in higher level clubs of the UK.

In order to promote sports tourism for Nepal Tourism Year 2011, Farnborough will play with Nepal´s national team and league champions in Kathmandu and Pokhara in May next year. The fund raised from these friendly matches will be used for building the new Sahara complex in Pokhara.

Gurung believes that the affiliation of the two clubs will help in the development of Nepali football. Hollis said, "Such agreement will increase the knowledge, vigor and dynamism of the players."

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