Tuladhar sets blueprint for National League



KATHMANDU, July 24: Chief Executive Officer of All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) Indraman Tuladhar is set to propose a new blueprint for National League for the proper management of Nepali football.

The proposal states that the National League will have the participation of 10 teams, including the top eight teams of the current Martyrs´ Memorial League and two teams from a separate ´A´ Division League to be held in the districts.

Thirty-seven districts besides the three districts of the Kathmandu Valley will be divided into three groups, according to Tuladhar´s proposal.

Considering the physical infrastructure and football activities, 10 districts will be recognized as ´A´ Division, 12 as ´B´ Division and the remaining 15 as ´C´ Division.

The 10 ´A´ Divisions of the districts will be further divided into two groups of five teams in the Eastern Region and the Western Region respectively. The winners of each region will be eligible to compete in the National League. During the qualifiers, the team that finishes at the bottom will be relegated to the ´B´ Division, according to Tuladhar.

In the case of the Kathmandu Valley, the present 18 ´A´ Division clubs will play a separate league and the top 8 will be promoted to the National League. The remaining 10 clubs will stay in the ´A´ Division.

There are plans to hold the National League´s 50 percent matches in Kathmandu and the rest in the districts.

Tuladhar said that the running of ´B´ and ´C´ Division Leagues are also proposed in order to empower the district associations. At present, six out of 15 ´B´ Division clubs and two from the districts will compete in the National ´B´ Division League.

ANFA handed over the responsibility of preparing the blueprint to Tuladhar after failing to conduct this season´s ´A´ Division League despite its repetitive efforts and talks with the clubs.

Tuladhar said he will consult with the clubs before submitting the proposal to ANFA. “We will discuss with the clubs first and incorporate their views in the proposal and submit it to ANFA,” he said.

If there is an agreement on the proposal, the National League will kick off from next year. However, Tuladhar himself is uncertain whether this year´s league will be held or not.

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