NSJF Pulsar Player of the Year awards today

10 September 2009 - The NSJF Pulsar Player of the Year Awards 2065 will be held Thursday at the Rastriya Nachghar and all the preparations for the event have been completed, according to the organizing Nepal Sports Journalists Forum (NSJF).

“We are ready for the grand finale of the biggest sports award event of the country,” NSJF president Niranjan Rajbanshi said.

“Last year, the budget was of Rs. 700 thousands while this year is has reached Rs. 1.5m. The quality of the function has increased accordingly.”

Rajbansi added that this year’s POY award had generated awareness across the country about sports and players.

There will be seven categories for awards: player of the year male, female and youth, popular player of the year, coach of the year, special award and lifetime achievement award. According to NSJF, the male, female and popular player of the year will receive a trophy, cash prize of Rs. 25,000 along with gift hampers each while other winners will receive Rs 15,000 each. Popular player of the year will be selected through SMS voting. The nominees getting highest number of the votes from the general public will win the award.

The nominee for the Popular Player of the Year award are Rakesh Shrestha and Bikash Malla of football, Binod Das of cricket, Karishma Karki of swimming, Manish Hamal of chess, Pramila Rijal of athletics and Manju Gurung of volleyball.
The awardee will receive a cash prize of Rs 25,000, a Samsung camera, gift hamper from Surya and a carpet from Deepak Harsha Bajracharya along with Rs. 10,000 cash sponsored by Nilendra Mali. The voting was opened on August 12 and lasted till 4 pm on Wednesday, September 9.

Last year, when NSJF introduced the award, ace football striker Jumanu Rai of Nepal Police bagged the award securing 68,682 out of 149,000 votes.


Cricket and athletics dominated the NSJF Pulsar Player of the Year Awards nomination. Those nominated for the Player of the Year (Male) are Bal Krishna Chaudhary (Athletics), Manish Hamal (Chess), Jumanu Rai (Football), Kamal Bahadur Adhikari (Weightlifting) and Shivaram Shrestha (Golf).Rekha Rawal (Cricket), Pramila Rijal (Athletics), Karishma Karki (Swimming), Sunita Magar (Judo) and Jhanta Katuwal (Weightlifting) are nominated for Player of the Year (Female) award.Similarly, Bishwarupa Budha (Athletics), Maya Rawat (Cricket), Keshari Chaudhary (Cricket/Athletics), Biraj Maharjan (Football) and Prithu Baskota (Cricket) are nominated for Player of the Year (Youth) award.
For Coach of the Year awards, Jit Bahadur Chaudhary (Judo), Jamil Ansari (Cricket), Sushil Narsingh Rana (Athletics), Roy Luke Dias (Cricket) and Ishwar Karki (Swimming) are nominated.

There are six nominees from cricket and five from athletics. The two sports share a common nominee – Keshari Chaudhary who has been nominated for her performance in both sports. There are two nominations each from football, weighlifting, swimming and judo and one each for chess and golf.The committee selected the nominations for comparing overall performance throughout the year, contribution of the success of the team, magnitude of performance and consistency of performance.


The NSJF Pulsar Player of the award 2065 will begin on 3:00 p.m. at Rastriya Nachghar and Avenues TV will telecast the program live.During award ceremony, pop singer Nima Rumba, comedian Dipak Raj Giri will perform in the stage while players representing various sports will show their skills like cat walk on the ramp and dance.

source: myrepublica.com

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