Ganesh Thapa elected ANFA president unopposed

8 August 2009 - Ganesh Thapa has been elected unopposed as the president of All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), Saturday. Thapa got elected as ANFA president as no other candidate filed his/her nomination till the time for filing nominations ended at 5pm, Saturday.

However, Thapa’s victory is controversial as former ANFA president (recognised by National Sports Council) Geeta Rana was not allowed to file nomination on Friday by ANFA election committee saying her supporters and approvers were not members of ANFA. This is the fourth time Thapa has been elected ANFA president.

Along with the president, eight persons, Krishna Shrestha, Narendra Shrestha, Sunil Kapali, Mahesh Bista, Bijay Narayan Manandhar, Karma Chiring Sherpa, Kumar Jung Thapa and Kishor Rai, have been elected vice-presidents of ANFA unopposed. The eight vice-presidents were elected unopposed after Mani Bikram Shah, another candidate for the post of vice-president withdrew his candidacy.

The election for the other posts will take place on September 7. 36 candidates have filed nominations for the post of 22 executive members.

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Sthapa said...

The election is a sham, and was a foregone conclusion when the new ANFA statute was framed, favouring the present ANFA office holders.Now that Thapa is re-elected I am afraid nothing significant is going to change. He and his cronies will be back to their old ways, pushing football development further back. It is a sad day for Nepali football. The government must intervene to stop individuals like Thapa from making a mockery of the system.