ANFA announces ambitious plans

Source: Himalayan News Service

LALITPUR: All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) announced a very ambitious football programmes for the next two years here today.

The meeting of the ANFA Central Executive Committee today finalised the calendar for the next two years. The meeting also approved the Players’ Transfer and Registration Regulation.

As per the regulation, the dispute regarding the transfer of a player will be finalised on mutual understanding between the clubs concerned. A player will have to return the signing amount plus 100 per cent compensation if he wants to change the club.

In the absence of upper division league this year, the ANFA has decided to compensate it with three knock-out tournaments to be played between the 18 'A' Division Clubs, including four each promoted by the ANFA and the then parallel body, Nepal Football Association (NFA).

Next year, however, the ANFA will organise the Martyrs Memorial 'A' Division League along with District League from April 15. The ANFA is planning to spend Rs 37.5 million for these tournaments.

Next year's National League comprises of 10 teams — top eight clubs from the Martyrs Memorial 'A' Division League and top two clubs from the top-tier District League. The National League has been placed above the 'A' Division League.

Of the 40 districts affiliated to ANFA, the football governing body has divided the district leagues into three categories — 'A' Division (10 districts), 'B' Division (12 districts) and 'C' Division (15 districts). Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur do not have to enter the district league format as they will continue with the tradition of competing for the Martyrs Memorial League — through 'C' Division up to the 'A' Division.

The procedure of promotion and relegation in the district leagues is identical to that of the traditional 'A' Division League. The 15 districts categorised for the 'C' Division will hold their separate tournaments. Champion clubs of those 15 districts will then vie for two berths available for promotion to 'B' Division district league.

The same process will be carried out in 'B' Division between 12 district team champions with top two clubs earning promotion to 'A' Division District League.

Likewise, top two teams from 'A' Division District League will finally join the top eight teams from Martyrs Memorial 'A' Division League in the National League, the top-tier football tournament of Nepal. The bottom two teams of both 'A' and 'B' Division District Leagues will be relegated to the lower division.

ANFA is also planning to introduce national women's league and veterans' football tournament while giving continuity to the national women's football tournament and inter-municipality football tournament.

ANFA President Ganesh Thapa said they were expecting at least eight clubs, including three from the departmental teams, to compete in the women's football league. "We will also encourage other clubs as well to join the women's league," added Thapa.

Major Events

• 'A' Division Knockout Football: Sept 20-Oct 6, 2010

• 12th National Women's Football: Nov 22 -Dec 2, 2010

• British Gorkha Cup Football: Dec 1-15, 2010

• 'A' Division Women's League: Dec 28-Jan 6, 2011

• 'A' Division Knockout Football: Jan 29-Feb 14, 2011

• District Leagues: April 15-30

• Martyrs Memorial A Division Football League: April 15 onwards

• National 'C' Division League Final round: Aug 8-19, 2011

• National 'B' Division League Final round: Sept 14-27, 2011

• National League: Nov 17, 2011-Feb 8, 2012

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