A Div second round from Wednesday



KATHMANDU, April 6: The second round of the A Division League is scheduled to kick off on Wednesday. Mismanagement of the league by the supreme football body All Nepal Football Association (ANFA)and the referee´s decisions courted several controversies during the first round.

Almost all the coaches of teams participating in the league have criticized the referees for their decisions during the first round.

Machhindra coach Dhruba KC and Manang Marshyangdi Club coach Chhiring Lopsang were banned for a match following their criticism against referees.

However, senior referee and match assessor in the league, Surendra Shikhrakar refused to admit that there were blunders in the league due to referees. He suggested that coaches should learn more regarding the changes and rules in football.

He said there were some minor mistakes by the referees due to their immaturity and lack of match experience. “All the referees conducting league matches are new; they have learnt rules but haven´t got many chances to apply them practically in the field,” Shikhrakar said.

Shikhrakar also claimed that some of the referees have been punished internally. However, he refused to divulge their names.

He, however, suggested a four-side meeting between referees, coaches, players and managers to minimize mistakes. “The teams have young players and they need to know more rules to ensure fair play and development of football in the country,” he added.

He also stressed on the need for arranging timely refreshers courses for referees and coaches. As a senior coach, he also hinted that he would conduct a few matches of the second round as demonstration for his juniors.

Two senior and renowned referees --Gyaniraja Shreshta and Shikhrakar -- have not conducted a single match in the league due to AFC rules (elite referee rules).

Mismanagement in first round

The ANFA does not seem to bother much about security arrangements. The security provisions for referees are very weak. The referees have time and again become the target of team officials and viewers after the completion of matches they conduct. How can they conduct the matches fairly if they don´t feel secure?

Despite strict check at the gate, the audience´s activities are not monitored in the parapets. Once they get entry to the parapets, they are free to hurl objects like water bottles, coins, stones and other things whenever they are dissatisfied with the environment in the match.

The security personnel deployed there seem like mere spectators. And most often during the matches of the departmental teams, the security personnel in civil dress get free entry and are found using foul language without hesitation.

Same is the case with spectators. It is almost unimaginable to watch a single match without hearing foul words. How can a family and female audiences get entertained in such an environment?

Most importantly, it is difficult to see any match starting at the right time stipulated by the organizing body.

NRT take on BUC

Leaders New Road Team (NRT) will take on the relegation hit Boys Union Club (BUC) in the opener of the second round of league on Thursday. In another match, defending champions Nepali Police Club will take on second from the bottom Sankata Club.

Both the relegation candidates should come up with special effort to save themselves from the relegation zone.

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